Our Quality Oriented Workflow

Stylux workshop has implemented multi-level quality control processes to deliver impeccable restoration experience to our corporate clients.


Stylux revolutionize the leather goods restoration industry by investing into state-of-the-art equipment as well as e-technology platform.

The signature equipment which are unfound in other workshop in Hong Kong are available for our clienteles:-

UV water-screen cabinet

Stylux protects our staff and environment by processing our leather ware restoration using UV water-screen cabinet. The technology utilizes Ultra-Violet light ray together with TiO2 Catalyst to degenerate hazardous methane and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) into harmless carbon dioxide and water. The process would provide effects of de-odorization, disinfection and sterilization.


Suede/Nubuck simulates the effect of softness and gentleness of handbrush but meanwhile provides more even and efficient removal of stains or dirt. The availability of the equipment enables Stylux to remove subtle and stubborn dirt without causing any noticeable scratch or damage to the leather goods.

Power Repairing Machine

Versatile equipment for shoes mending, healing neatening, soles neatening and buffing/polishing for shoes or bags. This tool help the Sytlux leather specialist to refresh each leather goods to its original pristine condition.

Inspiring Uniqueness

Throughout Cleaning
Rips & Tears Restoration
Fabric Dye Transfer Removal
Food Stains Removal
Suede Food Stains Removal
Patent Leather Dye Penetration Removal
Patent Leather Rips & Tears Restoration
Patent Leather Mould Cleaning
Box Leather Scratch Restoration
Nubuck Food Stains Removal

Spare Parts including

-snap            -strap

-buckle         -handle

-closure        -sewing threads

-screws        -zipper & etc..


-Small Part Color Restoration(Patent)

-Buckle Replacement-Insole Gluing

-Heels Replacement



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